UP SUV The ‘Urban Proof’ SUV Premium Tyre

For Work, Leisure and Adventures In The City

SUVs provide the driving comfort of a saloon, but their exterior shape is reminiscent of when 4×4 meant ‘off-road’. The SUV attempts to combine sporty driving, ride comfort and good road handling, sometimes even over rougher terrain. But most modern SUVs are designed primarily for adventures on road tarmac.


That’s why we’ve specifically crafted an Urban Proof Sport Utility Vehicle Tyre. The Z UP SUV for everyday driving in the urban environment.


‘Be UP with your SUV on Z UP SUV’


Powerful performance and driving comfort.


The specially designed Z-UP SUV combines an attractive visual style, coupled with a comfortable ride and excellent wet grip ability. This tyre is the answer for drivers who want to enjoy the performance of their SUV in the urban jungle, and who appreciate safe driving, even when conditions get rough. The newer, heavier SUVs also need reinforced tyres, so all Z UP SUV tyres are designed with extra load XL capabilities.


  • Increased load capacity with XL (extra load) versions.
  • Increased safety supported by excellent wet grip credentials
  • Lower rolling resistance characteristics to enhance fuel economy
  • Noise reduction to provide a more comfortable ride

Modern Profile Design

Asymmetrische Profilgestaltung

Hervorragende Bremseigenschaften
Besseres Handling und Präzision beim Lenken


Mehr Grip
Besonders wichtig bei nassen Straßen


Verbesserte Aquaplaning-Eigenschaften
Schnelle Ableitung des Wassers

Profil Kompetenz

Gute Wasserableitung
Asymmetrische Profilgestaltung für besseren Grip


Präzision und Kontrolle
Umlaufender Mittelsteg für höhere Stabilität und Präzision


4 breite Längsrillen
Schnelle Wasserableitung aus der Aufstandsfläche

Profiltiefen- messung

Mehr Sicherheit
Überprüfen Sie die Profiltiefe selbst


Permanente Kontrolle
Profiltiefe bei jedem Tanken selbst kontrollieren

Ihr persönlicher Profiltiefenmesser

Immer zur Hand, egal wo Sie sind

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