The Luxury of Freedom

Individuality that’s what your car gives you, and that’s what you have when it comes to getting it serviced. It’s your life. And that’s exactly why we – and your car – would appreciate you using an Z Tyre Service-Center. With us, you know your Tyres are in safe hands.


Your car deserves the best tyres, and that’s what only we can give you.


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Just as when you buy a Z Tyre, you know you’re getting one of the bests, so it is when you come to a Z Tyre Service Center: “You know you’re getting the best service.”
Fitting is important. You can get someone to do it right, but they may not do it well. And nobody knows a Z Tyre as well as a Z Tyre Service Center. One that has invested in bespoke training and has top of the range, latest equipment at their disposal. Just let the facts speak for themselves.
Having latest tyre fitting equipment makes a big difference in not only the quality of work, but also the time taken to do it. An independent shop may use older equipment, which takes a lot longer and not well balanced, no new valves…, you need to come back to fix it. When you’ve invested love, thought and time into your luxury of freedom, why leave it in lesser hands?If you’re not quite convinced, test the new dimension of freedom.

Performance to the highest level

Z Tyre Service Centres are the new generation of pan-European tyre dealers. Currently located within the central European region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with plans in development for other regions to include Italy, Spain and U.K.
With over 100 accredited outlets in Germany by the end of 2015, these carefully selected partners voluntarily operate according to the Z Tyre Partner guidelines.


The Z Tyre Service Centres will offer tyres for all vehicle types: for cars, SUVs, vans and trucks. In addition to the Z Tyre brand, Z Service Centres sell other leading tyre brands, as well as a selection of auto parts, such as wheels and batteries. For local wholesale distribution the Z Tyre Service Centre also operates an express delivery service for Z Tyres within the region.


The variety of services offered by the Z Tyre Service Centre not only include the very best care for your Z Tyres (including tyre changes and tyre mounting), but also other associated services, such as tyre storage in the larger outlets. The end goal is to have the highest possible customer satisfaction with Z Tyre.

The Z Tyre Service Centre - A New Partner Approach

The Z Tyre Service Centres are not just another tyre shop. Z Tyre Service Centres are independent (not owned by tyre manufacturers) and make this choice out of personal conviction and entrepreneurship. The Z Tyre Service Centre will have the guarantee of fast delivery, usually the same day or within 24 hours.


Not everyone can be qualify to become a Z Tyre Service Centre. With regard to the selection and upkeep of the desired level of service and in the development of service concepts and procedures, the dealer must be well qualified. The close co-operation between Z Tyre and the Z Tyre service centres leads to synergies. Modern, internet-based trading systems to improve the planning, tracking, and thereby the quality of service. The contact with our customers is important to us. Only in this way can we keep progressing to even higher level of customer service.


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Z Tyre Service Centre The best performance for your car