Testing, Testing...

We aim to construct the very best tyres. But what does that involve?
Each tyre with the distinctive Z logo on the sidewall must meet the highest standards – and there’s no higher benchmark than the one we set ourselves. There are many individual procedures that test every possible subjective and objective parameter. But to ensure that our premium Z tyres meet such demanding expectations, we’ve developed our own independent testing schedule. Such tests extend well beyond the legally required test criteria.

We Call It Z-360 ° Testing

z-5 Idiada pole.jpg

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal. So we don’t just look at the objective tyre test criteria, but also the more nuanced subjective tests that involve wet and dry road handling, driver ‘feel’ and vehicle stability especially at high speeds. At the independent IDIADA proving ground in Spain, numerous tests are performed and repeated to our exacting standards.


Wet Weather Testing

Wet handling


Wet braking behaviour


Wet traction


Aquaplaning in a straight line

On Dry Roads

Handling in dry surface conditions


Braking performance on dry roads


Driving stability at high speeds

Cornering Behaviour

Grip on road bends


Aquaplaning in curves

Noise Testing

Interior cabin noise – for driver comfort


External ‘pass by’ noise

Setting a New Standard

And many more tyre test criteria, where we perform comparative tests against competitive benchmarks to see how we compare and how we can perform even better.

Our Goal

Every driver running on Z tyres can always be confident of the very best performance.