Why Z Tyre?

Like many success stories, Z Tyre began as little more than a concept, but then lots of hard work! Thinking more rationally, Z Tyre is also a logical development in tyres. Since many cars are now equipped with tyre sizes that only a few years ago were the preserve of the ‘exotic’, with Z Tyre you can now be assured of those great tyre looks, that great tyre performance but at a price that’s ideally suited for today’s demanding driver. Driving luxury doesn’t need to be an expensive choice.


The term ‘luxury’ is often defined by heritage – but certainly not in the case of tyres! That’s why all Z tyres are built in brand new state of the art facilities to ensure that the technical prowess of your vehicle can be matched by the most modern tyre construction processes.


At the heart of Z Tyre is the desire to accompany you on the journey in unmistakable style. With a diligence to discover the perfect blend of safety and spirit, at every step our team pours their extensive tyre knowledge and drive into creating the finest tyres, as if each tyre has been moulded with unswerving personal attention to you alone.


So journey with us as we unveil the Z Tyre range – where performance truly matters.

The Luxury of Personal Freedom Is Our Aspiration. It's Our Purpose and Our Passion.

We bring our commitment of an exceptional driving experience to everything we do – from the design quality of our tyres to the manufacturing precision process, finishing with our specially selected Z Tyre Performance Centres.

We call it


We Are Z Tyre

Our tyres are known across the world, but until now we’ve told you only a little about ourselves. So read on to find out more on the background to Z and what it means to follow the aspiration to build the very best performance tyres. Furthermore, it’s in our Z DNA to which we owe our determination, to strive for success and to achieve. It’s with this attitude that we build each Z tyre, full of technical innovation, and which constantly questions the conventional to provide increasing safety and driving pleasure.

Let us show you what makes us different.