At Z Tyres we take our responsibility to respect environmental and safety aspects without compromise and this also positively influences high product quality and a good customer experience. Under our own ‘Zecologi’ banner, we ensure that Z Tyres not only comply with all global and European quality standards, but also that we endeavour to implement ‘green’ policies at every stage of the manufacturing and design process.


With Zecologi initiatives, we manage the environmental impacts of our products, through the entire production cycle. We address every safety and quality aspect and how they impact on our customers.

Design and Technology

Right from the very beginning, our tyre designers and engineers use the latest technology, computer modelling and rigorous testing to produce the optimum tyre design.


• The use of the latest compounds and construction material to produce lighter and more durable tyres.

• Continual improvement in low-rolling resistance tyres (which generate lower temperatures and friction without significant loss of grip) for longer lasting tyres and improved fuel economy.

• Development of new materials and compounds for lighter and longer-lasting tyres.

• Regular reviews of our Z Tyre performance to meet our legal and business requirements.

• Quality components that meet the demands of our current and future environment.


Zecologi means to adapt the most advanced production technology in order to prevent harmful impacts on safety and the environment.


• Our factory sets targets to reduce energy consumption and waste every year.

• On average, we use significantly less energy to build a tyre than just a few years ago.

• By using the latest ‘state of the art’ tyre building machines, we ensure that energy consumption and waste is minimised.

• Each tyre is built with higher uniformity, therefore less scrap is produced.


By addressing every aspect of the production process,

z_kl.pngecologi’ reduces our impact on the environment.

Environmental Legislation

We ensure each Z Tyre complies with the latest European Union regulations. Not only does each Z Tyre display the correct coding on the sidewall (for example ‘S-mark’), our Z Tyres also display a good balance of wet grip / rolling resistance on the corresponding European tyre label. This is a conscious effort of ‘Zecologi’ – not to focus exclusively on wet grip to the detriment of the tyre’s rolling resistance characteristics.


Z Tyres do not contain polyaromatic hydrocarbons and are ‘PAH Oil Free’ as stipulated by European Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH).

Noise Pollution

Most of a tyre’s environmental impacts are generated during use. We take responsibility for the environmental impacts of our operations and our products throughout their lifecycle.Traffic noise is the most common form of acoustic pollution. Variations in road surfaces and tyre patterns are the main causes.


• Producing quieter tyres can have the consequence of a reduction in wet and dry grip. However, using computer-aided engineering and analytical modelling, our Z Tyre designers have created tyres that generate low ‘pass by’ noise levels without compromising levels of grip.


• In Europe and many other countries, tyres are now set their own noise limits. Currently these limits for car tyres are between 72 and 76 decibels (depending on tyre width) for cars travelling at 80km/h.


• All Z Tyres are already below future EU noise limits.