Z 1 Run-Flat Tyres

It can be the stuff of nightmares – or at least a serious inconvenience: A flat tyre! Imagine an enforced night time stop on an unlit country road, or say you’re in a hurry, especially if it’s raining or freezing cold. Have you tried to change a tyre by yourself? Would you even know how?


Don’t worry!


Z 1 run-flat tyres offer not only the same Z Tyre performance, but also greater security and peace of mind. In the event of tyre pressure loss or puncture, you’ll maintain better control of your car and you’ll be able to continue driving safely for a limited distance.


With Z 1 run-flat tyres you can keep going. No need to worry about changing that tyre straight away. Just to be sure, however, run-flat tyres are designed to maintain a certain distance at a specified speed (50mph over 50 miles) before they must be changed. As you possibly won’t even notice the loss of tyre pressure, it’s important that the driver is visually and audibly alerted to any loss of tyre pressure.
Modern vehicles on run-flat tyres are therefore equipped with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) to detect changes in tyre pressure immediately and report back to the driver.

Feel the luxury of performance, safety and your personal freedom

1 Run-Flat Tyres