Our Vision …

... is to build the best tyres in the world

We believe that luxury performance tyres don’t need to cost a fortune. Our driving passion for exemplary service and the perfect travel experience have led us to approach the tyre industry in a completely different manner.


With Z Tyre our aim is to challenge the status quo by bringing the technical and aesthetic advantages of a ‘premium’ tyre at a price for all to enjoy.


Backed by decades of know-how in the tyre industry, the Z Tyre team was born in a union between the great cities of London and Dubai. One is the traditional home of bespoke luxury over the centuries, where ‘understated elegance’ is a byword for the graceful charm of classic living. The other represents the new standard in global ‘high living’. Full of vigour and enterprise where dreams become reality every day and where new standards of opulent luxury take your breath away.


It’s in these two metropolises that Z Tyre is today based and where a fusion of thinking aims to revolutionise the tyre market. It’s that search for elegance and dynamism that sets the standard for Z. Unlike other tyre brands, ‘Premium’ for Z Tyre is certainly not in the price. Instead its focus is on the fusion of technical excellence and aesthetic beauty encompassed in our powerful message ‘When Performance Matters’.
Simply put…..a perfect balance of road handling, safety and style.

Why settle for a choice of performance or price when you can have both?


Why accept what others define as ‘premium’ when your own free-thinking demands that you choose your own path?

Think differently.

Share our passion?

See how vision becomes reality.

Z Technology

Technology on the move

On appearance, tyres don’t appear to have changed over the years. As the saying goes, they’re just ‘black and round’. But under the surface, tyre technology is advancing rapidly each year.


To realize the highest level of satisfaction in performance, riding comfort, safety, and eco-friendly driving, the Z Tyre goal is to deliver tyres that perform optimally under all conditions. New compound structures such as advanced coupled silica mixing, run-flat technology, advanced tyre building machines that measure tyre uniformity to the ultimate degree – all these are critical to the modern performance tyre.


Z Tyre performance means for us improved durability that maintains the best handling even under the worst driving conditions and provide consumers the “luxury of driving” through performance, safety, comfort and environment.