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1 A New Standard

With Z there’s no compromise – our tyres are designed in Europe and made for the wide variety of European roads and driving conditions. The optimum combination of grip, performance and fuel economy. With extensive product testing at some of Europe’s leading vehicle research facilities supported by class-leading EU tyre label certification, our results speak for themselves.


• Increased safety supported by excellent wet grip credentials
• Lower rolling resistance characteristics to enhance fuel economy
• Noise reduction to provide a more comfortable ride


Our EU tyre label results underline our commitment to excellence.

Modern Tread Design

Asymmetric Pattern

Inside profile is designed to reduce irregular tyre wear and improve wet braking performance


Outside profile is optimized to support excellent road handling and driving responsiveness


Special shoulder design for more stability

Wet Performance

Four circumferential grooves support rapid water drainage



Maximise resistance to aquaplaning


Superior wet weather traction and braking via high silica tread compound

Treadwear Indicator

Safety feature to help optimise vehicle and tyre performance



Visual control by the driver



Information about the actual tread depth

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Enjoy the open road with Z!