Z Premium tires

Like so many success stories, the Z brand started with an idea, a concept and then a lot of hard work! But let's think about it. Z is the logical evolution of tires and their capabilities in today's world. To make the highest demands on a high-performance tire should not be a question of the price. Z tires offer uncompromising safety, excellent performance and high ride comfort. But the real luxury is not having to think about their tires. Focus on more important tasks. The driving pleasure and your personal freedom. We call it the factor Z.

Der Begriff „Luxus“ wird oft durch das Erbe definiert - bei Reifen jedoch nicht! Aus diesem Grund werden alle Z-Reifen in brandneuen, hochmodernen Einrichtungen gebaut, um sicherzustellen, dass die technischen Fähigkeiten Ihres Fahrzeugs mit den modernsten Reifenbauprozessen erreicht werden können.

The factor Z is best experienced by yourself, because it is the desire to accompany you in your daily challenges and on the journey in an unmistakable style. Experience the care, feel the perfect blend of safety and spirit on every kilometer that our team has put into creating the tire. With the attention as if it was created for you personally.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a Z tire. We are sure in our exclusive tire range is your tire here. How to join us: When performance really counts.

The luxury of personal freedom is our claim. It is our goal and our passion.

We use our commitment to an extraordinary driving experience to everything we do. From the design quality of our tires, to manufacturing with a precision finishing process, to our specially selected Z Tire Performance Points.

We call it


We are Z Tire.

Our tires are and will be known all over the world, but now we want to tell something about ourselves. So read for yourself and learn more about the background of Z and what it means to claim to have the best tire in the world. You'll also learn about the Z-DNA, which we owe our determination to achieve the success we seek. But it is more, it is an inner attitude. We build every Z tire, full of technical innovations, always with the thought and the constant readiness to question the conventional standards in order to offer even more safety and driving pleasure.

Follow us and let yourself be inspired by what we do differently.

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