Unsere vision ...

... is to build the best tire in the world

We believe that the luxury of a high-performance tire should not be a matter of money. It is the value, the passion for safety and quality paired with exemplary service for everyday use and the perfect journey, in short your satisfaction. That's what makes the Z tires so exceptional. And because we are different, our experiences have led us to break new ground and approach the tire industry in a completely different way.

With the new Premium Z tires, our goal is to redefine the status quo for premium tires. On this basis, we develop the technical and aesthetic advantages of a new premium tire for complete satisfaction, so you only have to worry about the driving pleasure.

Decades of know-how in the tire industry, the close connection to research laboratories and development centers and the connection between the cities of London and Dubai make for an exceptional tire. London, the traditional home of custom-made luxury over the centuries, where "simple elegance" stands for classic, graceful charm. The other represents the new, high standard in the global world. Full of power and business, where dreams come true and every day new standards of luxury take our breath away.

In this field of tension , Z Tire is today firmly grounded in revolutionizing the tire market by fusing customer focus with European know-how and the latest production techniques in China. It is also the search for elegance and dynamism in a tire that sets the new standard for Z. Modern production facilities of European manufacturers such as VMI and Krupp guarantee premium quality at the highest level. The focus is on the fusion of technical excellence and aesthetic beauty and is not a question of price. In addition to the technical tests, each tire is inspected and controlled by hand, thus ensuring that our statement: ' When performance really counts'is also filled with life. Simply put ... ... satisfaction with the perfect balance of driving, safety and style. "Wenn Leistung zählt".
Einfach gesagt ... .. eine perfekte Balance zwischen Straßenbehandlung, Sicherheit und Stil.

Why settle for less, if you can have performance and elegance?

Warum akzeptieren Sie, was andere als "Premium" definieren, wenn Ihr eigenes freies Denken verlangt, dass Sie Ihren eigenen Weg wählen?

Take the freedom to think differently!

Do you share our passion?

Experience how a vision becomes reality

Z Technologie

Technologie in ständiger Entwicklung

Superficially, by appearance, tires do not seem to have changed over the years. They are just "black and round." But below the surface, the tire technology develops new innovative products every year that make the tires safer and more durable.

To achieve the highest level of satisfaction with performance, ride comfort, safety and eco-friendly driving, the goal is to deliver a Z tire that can perform optimally under all conditions. New composite structures with complex silica structures in the rubber compound, the Run-Flat technology for more safety, as well as the use of modern tire building machines and controls to measure all parameters to an ultimate level. All of these are prerequisites for Z's modern high-performance tires.

Z tires High-performance premium tires mean improved durability for us, better handling, even under the worst driving conditions, and consumers ' 'luxury in driving' through performance, safety, comfort and environmental protection.

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