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1 The Premium Standard

At Z, there are no compromises. Our tires are developed in Europe and are therefore particularly suitable for the diverse road conditions of European roads and the different driving behavior. An optimal combination for more grip, better performance and conscientious handling of fuel. Especially for Europe, separate tests are carried out in the leading European test centers. Here is tested and further developed until the desired results can be implemented. An impressive example is the excellent EU label values ​​of Z tires. These speak for themselves.

• High safety margins thanks to excellent wetness properties • Low rolling resistance helps to handle fuel • Noise reduction protects the environment and brings more comfort

Outstanding EU label values ​​underline our commitment to perfection.

Modern profile design

asymmetric profile design

Excellent braking properties Better handling and steering precision

Das Außenprofil ist optimiert, um ein hervorragendes Straßenhandling und Fahrverhalten zu unterstützen

Improved aquaplaning properties Fast drainage of water

profile competence

Good water drainage Asymmetrical tread design for better grip

Precision and control Circumferential center bar for greater stability and precision

XNUMX wide longitudinal grooves Fast water drainage from the footprint

Profiltiefen- Measurement

More safety Check the tread depth yourself

Permanent control Check tread depth yourself with each refueling

Your personal tread depth gauge Always at hand, no matter where you are

How to find your Z tire


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Happy and satisfied with the new premium tires from Z!
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