4 Season Z Tyres – For All Seasons

4 All Season Tyre

Z 4 Seasons tyres arrive exactly as described- a tyre for all four seasons. So it’s no longer necessary to switch over tyres between winter and summer. And on those spring and autumn days where temperatures can
start below freezing and rise quickly, Z 4 Seasons are designed to cope with all road conditions. With the warmer and wetter winters predicted to be the trend in Europe, all season tyres are ideal for the changing
weather patterns we are facing. Z 4 Seasons will soon be available in 27 sizes for a variety of popular European vehicle fitments.The first phase encompasses 12 best-selling dimensions (including 195/65HR15, 205/55VR16 XL and 225/45WR17) and the complete Z 4 Seasons range will eventually cover a host of passenger and SUV sizes from 15″ to 18″ fitments. Z 4 Seasons – the ideal solution for continual, safe driving whatever the weather may bring.


• High safety reserves due to excellent wetland properties

• Low rolling resistance helps to handle fuel

• Noise reduction protects the environment and brings more comfort


Outstanding EU label values and underscore our commitment to perfection.

Modern Profile Design

Asymmetrische Profilgestaltung

Hervorragende Bremseigenschaften
Besseres Handling und Präzision beim Lenken


Mehr Grip
Besonders wichtig bei nassen Straßen


Verbesserte Aquaplaning-Eigenschaften
Schnelle Ableitung des Wassers

Profil Kompetenz

Gute Wasserableitung
Asymmetrische Profilgestaltung für besseren Grip


Präzision und Kontrolle
Umlaufender Mittelsteg für höhere Stabilität und Präzision


4 breite Längsrillen
Schnelle Wasserableitung aus der Aufstandsfläche

Profiltiefen- messung

Mehr Sicherheit
Überprüfen Sie die Profiltiefe selbst


Permanente Kontrolle
Profiltiefe bei jedem Tanken selbst kontrollieren

Ihr persönlicher Profiltiefenmesser

Immer zur Hand, egal wo Sie sind

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  • 15"
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  • 17"
  • 18"
  • 19"
  • 20"
  • 21"
Happy and satisfied with the new Premium TyreZ!